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Gerhard Bertram Spedition

Bilateral Meetings

  • 16.09.2015 Wednesday (12:30 pm - 02:10 pm)
DescriptionThe Gerhard Bertram Spedition is a transport company active in the area of removal as well of privat households and as of companies. It is a branch of Deutsche Möbelspedition. Since 1979 we are working for our customers in a professional, reliably and fast way. With latest techniques we fulfill the demands of our customers also in the national and international freight transportation. The company owns 3 trucks with 25,5 t carrying capacity and an open truck equipt with a loading crane.
Dopravní služby.
Organization Type Company
Phone+49 391 40 69 90
City39122 Magdeburg, Alt Salbke 97 Google map
Areas of Activities

Transport & Logistics


    Offer of international transport service

    The German transport company offers its national and international transport services to clients in the Czech Republik. If you need professional transportation of your products, goods or if you want to remove with your company to another place - we are available! With our experiences, knowledge and techniques we fulfill our customers orders.

    Cooperation Offered
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