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  • 16.09.2015 Wednesday (09:30 am - 12:00 pm)
  • 16.09.2015 Wednesday (12:30 pm - 02:10 pm)

SOLED is a company which produces different kinds of LED lighting, fiber optics lighting and LED illuminated mirrors. We could offer high quality products in reasonable prices. We look for a distributors and agents worldwide. We are a PRODUCER not an importer.

Organization Type Company
Phone+48 533 851 911
CityBiałystok, Kolejowa 12C Google map
Areas of Activities

Architectonic, design and construction engineering services

    Electrical installation

      Construction materials



          LED illuminated mirrors/ LED lighting/ Fiber Optics lighting

          We are a company which is a manufacturer of high quality LED illuminated mirrors. We can provide lighting solutions based on LED and fiber optics technology, also made to measure.

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          Cooperation Offered
          1. Manufacturing agreement
          2. Sales / Distribution
          3. Other


          We are looking for agents/distributors in Czech Republic or in the EU. SOLED produces innovative LED, fiber optics lighting and LED illuminated mirrors.


          Hledáme agenti / distributory v České republice nebo v rámci EU. SOLED produkuje inovativní LED, vláknové optiky a LED osvětlení osvětlené zrcadla.

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          Cooperation Requested
          1. Sales / Distribution
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